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 Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Options

Commercial refrigeration equipment builds the foundation of any successful commercial kitchen, and there are many options and product combinations that can help your kitchen operation be successful. Midway offers many kinds of commercial refrigeration options from over 20 vendors for both front and back of house.
Back of house options include undercounter units, work top units, standard reach-in refrigeration, walk-in units, chef bases, and ice machines.
Front of house includes glass door merchandisers (used at wait staff counters), bar refrigerators and coolers, undercounter and worktop units, and well as built-in refrigeration for use in serving lines and buffets.
Commercial refrigeration East Texas is a crucial part of a commercial kitchen, call the experts at Midway Restaurant Supply Tyler for all of your commercial refrigeration needs!Retail commercial refrigeration units include glass door merchandisers, horizontal ice cream cases, counter top merchandisers, beer caves, walk-in coolers and freezers, island merchandisers, and ice machines for soda dispensers.
Concession and food trucks use undercounter or worktop units; both have a flat stainless surface that serves as a counter and lower refrigeration sections.
Each kitchen environment has different commercial refrigeration capacity options, so its important to understand the demands of your business and the capabilities of your kitchen space. Countertop refrigeration units usually start around 5 cubic feet of storage. Reach in refrigeration capacities start at 23 cubic feet and can be as large as 74 cubic feet. Typically most reach in refrigeration is available in single, double, and triple door widths. Walk in fridges are available in any size starting at a 6’ x 6’ footprint.
Another important factor to consider when selecting commercial refrigeration equipment is power. Most refrigeration equipment houses a standard 120 volt design, while walk in coolers can have higher voltages and even three phase electrical set ups. Be sure and look for Energy Saving ratings on manufacturer specifications of all unites you are considering!

A commercial refrigeration East Texas unit from Atosa, brought to you by Midway Restaurant Supply Tyler.Things to Consider When Purchasing Commercial Refrigeration Equipment from Midway:

    • Capacity: How often do you purchase food?  How much product is to be prepared & ready to use.  Where will ready product be store?  Will you need back up product?  Where will leftovers be stored?
    • Thoughtful layout and design: Consider menu and kitchen processing needs as well as workflow; kitchen and menu requirements may require special types of refrigeration placed in certain locations.
    • Space and power available: Ensure that there is enough electrical power to properly feed refrigeration units. Low power feeds will result in poor performance and premature failure of the equipment.

Commercial Refrigeration Tips:

    • Never run any commercial refrigeration equipment from an extension cord, it will void the warranty.
    • Use dedicated electrical circuits, an in wall electrical circuit that services other equipment items like warmers or toasters can starve any refrigeration equipment further down the circuit.
    • Choose quality products that meet your demand and usage
    • Don’t overload or over pack the inside of your commercial refrigeration unit, it can result in poor airflow and diminishes performance
    • Replace gaskets often and don’t allow them to become worn
The restaurant supply experts at Midway are here to help you find the perfect solution to your commercial refrigeration needs in Tyler & Longview area! Whether you run a catering business or a food truck, Midway can find the right product and help you build the right kitchen design to ensure your commercial kitchen is functional and successful! Contact us today at 903-202-7137!