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One of the keys to producing excellent food in a commercial kitchen is ensuring that the work flows in an orderly manner for efficiency, hygiene and communication. There must be space for prep areas, stovetops, ovens, fryers, warmers and service areas. In addition, a commercial kitchen design requires storage areas with shelves and cabinets and washing areas with sinks, dishwashing machines and drying racks.

Commercial kitchen designs must take into account ergonomics, energy efficiency, ventilation and maintenance. In addition, you must have commercial-grade kitchen equipment and appliances. Coolers, freezers, fryers, vent hoods, preparation tables, utensils and cooking vessels are a few types of equipment required for efficient commercial meal preparation. All these elements must meet safety requirements and local codes.

If it seems overwhelming to plan a well-laid-out, ergonomically productive kitchen, Midway Restaurant Supply can help! We start by talking to you about the style of cooking your establishment produces and how many meals are served on a typical day. This influences the type and arrangement of workstations, number of burners required and what specialty equipment may be needed. We also consider local health and safety codes for plumbing, refrigeration, ventilation, electrical outlets, wash stations and incorporation of the right commercial kitchen equipment .

Commercial Kitchen Design Layouts

There are three basic layouts commonly used in commercial kitchen design. Each can be tailored to suit your needs. Adding ergonomic features enhances staff comfort and efficiency, saves time and increases safety. Increasing table height keeps chefs from having to bend over to prep or cook food. Strategic placement of lights lets staff see better and work safely. Having equipment handy to workstations increases efficiency.

Zone Layouts

Zone layouts arrange work areas according to activities. Cleaning and washing are near the entrance, where servers can deposit used dishes. The service area is near the exit, allowing servers to pick up orders and deliver them to tables. Separate zones are allotted for storage, receiving, food preparation and cooking. Each zone can include workstations that accommodate phases of preparation and cooking, such as grill, sauté, salad or dessert stations. Each can be outfitted with utensils, appliances and other equipment to increase efficiency.

Island Layouts

Island layouts group major activities around a central block where grilling, sautéing and other cooking activities take place. Areas around the sides are dedicated to prepping, washing, service and storage and receiving. The circular flow of an island facilitates communication and ease of movement. This layout works well in a large kitchen but can be used in kitchens of any shape or size.

Assembly Line Layouts

Assembly line layouts are ideal for establishments with limited menus such as pizza, or for cafeterias and fast-food restaurants. As food is prepared and cooked, it is sent down the line to the service area. Other activities, such as storage, washing, cleaning and receiving, are behind the line. This layout facilitates workflow and communication.

Planning your new kitchen with a commercial kitchen design professional will save money and help you avoid costly mistakes. The design experts at Midway can help you optimize space in the back and front of the house, create a budget and comply with all codes.

Midway can also help you select the right appliances and equipment to enhance workflow. We supply cooking and baking equipment, commercial worktables, refrigeration equipment, shelving, cookware, smallwares and more—all the kitchen equipment you will need for a successful operation. Call Midway Restaurant Supply today for help with kitchen planning and outfitting!

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